CV. KATON ART melayani:
Kontraktor umum, pengembang perumahan, GRC/GFRP Manufaktur dan jasa pemasangan panel dan plafond. Pelukisan dan pengecatan media tertentu.


CV. KATON ART is a general contractor which focusing on Manufacturing: GRC, Wood Working and Gypsum, specially for artistic/aesthetics elements, reliefs and ornaments for architecture. main stream of Style on Classic and maximalis, Morrocco-Moorish and many more depends on your design and purchase . These kind of products shall be applied for interior and exterior according to its purposes and functionality.
KATON ART has a vision to beautifying your home and building and always considering quality, human resources development and also HSE (Health, Safety, and environment).


spectrum of services are:
General Contractor, Real estate developer, manufacturing and Installation of : GRC/GFRP, Wood Working, Gypsum; Painting and Washing.